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Gods of the New Economy distributed songwriting project

G o N E logoNew Economy survivors add their own stories to a song about the dot-carnage...or just enjoy what others have written.




Geek Orthodox Techmas Carols featured on Into Tomorrow, December 23, 2001.


About Geektones music:
August, 2001

The Geektones win second prize in loudENERGY's contest to write a song protesting high gas prices with Free Gas. Sample lyric: “How wretched were the sufferers, forced to drive high-mileage cars/Some without air conditioning, or power-assisted doors/Even worse, without a 4x4, we routinely risked it all/How awful to be stranded on the way out to the mall!”
April, 2001

“The Geektone’s recording of Gods of the New Economy is a rough-hewn, unvarnished piece of work ... It’s raw, and almost painful to listen to - a lonely voice ranting in a deserted conference room.


Enthusiastic fan
May, 2001

“Wow, how absolutely perfect!

“I am a soon-to-be laid off employee, one of the 1,300 Seattle Washington customer service reps who found out in January that we'd be getting the axe. While I never got a European car, the song "Gods of the New Economy" really rang true. I'm sitting here in my cubicle with my headphones on, laughing my ass off, sending it to my friends. Great job, guys. Even funnier was "Virtual Christmas" - I can relate! Having worked 60+ hours a week around Christmastime for two years running, I found this song to be quite on the mark, scathing to the e-commerce world. I have to say this much for e-commerce tho - it beats the hell out of going to the mall, eh?

“Once, we dreamt of our stocks. When I got hired here, I thought two years from my hire date, I'd be able to open my own business with all the cash. The price kept on rising and rising - it was crazy! Then, it dropped, and kept on dropping. Now it's worthless to me, and I'm out of a job after everything. But I'm not bitter. Never bitter. ; )”

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