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Who can use what where?

I'm a songwriter, and like most creators of intellectual property, I am pulled by mighty and somewhat contradictory impulses about my work. On the one hand, I feel a strong urge to have my creations shared and enjoyed by anyone demented enough to be interested. On the other hand, if my creations generate financial rewards, I'd like my fair share.

Because of my own experience, I have tried to be very sensitive as to how creative works are presented on this website. Wherever songs or lyrics are posted in their entirety, I have either sought permission from the author or copyright holder, or have ascertained that our use falls within appropriate use as permitted by the author in notices accompanying their work or their participation in representations such as the Blanket Permission List. If you are the author of any of the works presented or linked on the Geek Musique site and would like to withdraw your work, I am more than happy to accomodate you. Just email

Although Geek Musique might generate a bit of revenue through affiliate arrangements or through sales at the Geek Musique Boutique, this site is essentially a labor of love. My compensation for producing the site is unlikely to amount to more than a few cents per hour -- basically just a bit of help with operating costs.

Regarding my own work, I am happy -- delighted in fact -- to have it posted or performed as long as the following notice appears with the work:

© xxxx Douglas Hamilton ( Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial posting or performance of this work provided it is not altered and that this notice appears intact. Publishing, recording, and all other commercial use requires prior permission. By distributing this work, you are indicating your acceptance of the complete, current terms of this license located at

-- Doug Hamilton

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