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Music and Technology

Not everyone will like it, or even get it, but no matter. I created Geek Musique for my crowd -- people who love fooling around with technology, are really good at it, and aren't shy about sharing it with the world.


I wrote my first Geek Folk song, GUI? Phooey!, a few years back during breaks in long programming sessions. I had a guitar in my office in a deserted part of a fairly lonely building at a university in Scotland, so sometimes I simply had to make a little noise or go bonkers. Something about the setting set me off in the direction of writing about the often-bizarre interface between humans and their technologies, and the songs just kept coming. I went on to write Acronyms? Schmacronyms!, A Server's Life, Wired Lullaby, Virtual Christmas, Gods of the New Economy, and a good half-dozen more.

Well, what do you do with such songs? Looking around, I realized there's a wonderful body of work within this obscure and diverse genre. I started collecting links and lyrics, and after awhile it just seemed the obvious thing to do to put it all together into a website.


We've only just started. With a full-time job, full-time family, and full-time music career (I wish), I know I haven't even scratched the surface yet. It is my hope that with the Geek Musique site out there, much more great geek music will come to my attention. This means YOU...send us your links and songs and this thing will really SNOBOL (sorry, couldn't resist).

Doug Hamilton
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