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Perl White
Tune: Good King Wenceslas

Good keen hacker Larry Wall
Did a little thinkin'
Got it working, called it Perl
And threw the kitchen sink in
Loudly hummed the Net that night
Hacking on this too-el
Helping Larry get it right
And work it summat cru-u-el.

Perl will make each program step
Longer than you'd credit
Three lines make a poor-man's grep
Ten can be an edit
Seven sides a task can lunch
Of Titanic order
For this iceberg packs its punch
Nine-tenths under wa-a-ter.

Small-tool bigots will despise
All they see within her
But to their outraged surprise
That's why Perl's a winner
Gentle syshack, understand
You too can be that good
With this chainsaw in your hand
Every task is ma-atch-wood.

Lyrics © 1995, 1996, 2001 Martin J Carter

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