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Bring a Disc, Jeanette Isabella
Tune: Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella

Bring a blank disc, Jeanette Isabella
Bring a disk and we'll burn a CD
We have spent the whole evening downloading
Every song in the Top 100
Hush, Hush
Mask all those Napster Packets
Hush, Hush
Don't tell the RIAA

Change your ways because Napster is fading
We've all shifted to Morpheus now
Record labels are losing the battle
Ten more will spring up soon as they squash one
Hush, hush
Don't let the Net Admin catch you
Free Stuff
Download it while you can

Music traditional
Lyrics © 2001 Doug Hamilton

Lyrics © 2001 Douglas Hamilton ( Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial posting or performance of this work provided it is not altered and that this notice appears intact. Publishing, recording, and all other commercial use requires prior permission. By distributing this work, you are indicating your acceptance of the complete, current terms of this license located at


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