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Blue Screen
Tune: We Three Kings

Darn it all…another blue screen
How it makes me want to scream
System frozen
Wish I'd chosen
Linux as my OS

-- OH --

How they taunt me when I crash
Same old message they rehash
Windows was not shut down properly
Would you like to run checkdisk?

Windows rot's begun to set in
Nothing works, my patience wears thin
Multiple versions of DLLs, who can tell
Which one is gonna win

-- OH --

Programs fail to execute
Cause spontaneous reboot
Blue screen taunts me, how it haunts me
Once again, a three-finger salute

Music traditional
Lyrics © 2001 Doug Hamilton

Lyrics © 2001 Douglas Hamilton ( Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial posting or performance of this work provided it is not altered and that this notice appears intact. Publishing, recording, and all other commercial use requires prior permission. By distributing this work, you are indicating your acceptance of the complete, current terms of this license located at

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