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Infinite-Monkey Theorem? The meaning of "rat dance?" It's all here. This is a dictionary you'll read for entertainment.


Collection of jokes, top ten lists, poems, puns, songs and other humorous items about Microsoft, Bill Gates, and computer stuff.


Whether you're friends with a geek, work with one, love one, or hate one, The Geek Handbook provides handy instructions...

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But Geek Musique is but a fledgeling and you've got to start somewhere. We're finding that Cafe Press is a most excellent place to start. If you know your .TIFs from your .BMPs, you can create shirts and other imprinted items and set up an e-commerce shop to sell them in in no time at all, at no upfront cost. Whether you want to sell a few mugs for your club, church group, or family reunion, or have vast numbers of site visitors or fans panting to purchase anything with your logo on it, you'd be well advised to check out Cafe Press. We've been amazed at the high quality and delighted with the fast turnaround -- just-in-time manufacturing for the common man. Click on the banner above for all the details, or even better...

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As a further service to those of geekly ilk, we've provided a link to dozens of high-tech humor books on Amazon. You've most welcome to buy as many as you want, it's no trouble...really!


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