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Featured selections

Filk from Bob Kanefsky

Excellent performances of inspired parodies, including God Wrote in LISP.

How To Write
Un-maintainable Code

Hints and techniques for making sure they'll need you looong into the future.

TMBG dial-a-song

The Hacker FAQ

Care and feeding of your geek. Written for managers of advanced technical personnel.





The Eternal Flame (God Wrote in Lisp)
Parody lyrics by Bob Kanefsky
Original song by Julia Ecklar

The question of the merits of different programming languages has often been called a "religious argument", except maybe by those who know that there’s obviously One Right True and Only Way and it begins with C.

The Life of a Server

They keep me runnin' 'round the clock, the others they can rest...My SCSI ports are achin', my coolin' fans are stressed.

Wake Up and Smell the Java
Alpine Green

The band says: "We are really interested in Java programming so we wrote this." An instrumental.

15 Bugs
Joel Polowin

In every software project, there are goals to keep in mind
Adding documented features, taking out... the other kind





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