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Featured selections

Segfault is put together by people who think that the Linux (and Non-Microsoft in general) community needed more funny stuff. It's written by people like you.

How To Write
Un-maintainable Code

Hints and techniques for making sure they'll need you looong into the future.

TMBG dial-a-song

The Hacker FAQ

Care and feeding of your geek. Written for managers of advanced technical personnel.





She Got It Off the Internet
Radio Free Earth

A song about all the trouble you can get into online.

The Internet Song
Papa Joe

The Internet, the darn thing since the alphabet...learn lots of stuff that you soon forget...have sex with people that you never met.

Redneck King of Cyberspace
Bubba Redneck

Bubba discovers the Internet.

Red September

New to the Web.

Dot Com Me Down
Richie Saccente & Juice

The heartbreak of Internet a bouncy beat.

SPAM Has Come today
Checkered Past

You’re on their lists to stay...can't make it go away.







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