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Geek life
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Featured selections

The Code of the Geeks, v. 3.12

Let others know your state of geekness in an explicit but non-obvious way. Fellow geeks should be able to decode. Originated by Robert Hayden. Here's a Geek Code Generator.

Obsolete Computer Museum — do you remember?

Circuit board graphicTom Carlson has created an online exhibit of obsolete computers -- maybe including the one YOU were using when you composed that ditty you always wanted to record but somehow never...

The Hacker FAQ

Care and feeding of your geek. Written for managers of advanced technical personnel.




    Geek life    

I Enjoy Being a Nerd
Becky Cavanaugh

She's a nerd and proud of it...

A Microsoft widow can't believe how her life has changed. She's not going to take it any more.

Is it true that we intentionally sprinkle our conversation with acronyms and jargon in order to fend off non-techies? You bet!

Urban Tapestry
"I could Gopher your WAIS" he said... I went all GUI inside.





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