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Cyber romance
Dot-com life

Segfault is put together by people who think that the Linux (and Non-Microsoft in general) community needed more funny stuff. It's written by people like you.

How To Write
Un-maintainable Code

Hints and techniques for making sure they'll need you looong into the future.

TMBG dial-a-song

The Hacker FAQ

Care and feeding of your geek. Written for managers of advanced technical personnel.





Featured selections

Photo of Jim's Big Ego

Jim's Big Ego

Not a Geekish tune strictly speaking, but with its perfect evocation of stress and caffeine, it sounds like a lot of our lives.

C prompt graphic
GUI? Phooey!

Nothin' that's worth doin' should exceed 640K.

Photo of Urban Tapestry

Urban Tapestry

"I could Gopher your WAIS" he said... I went all GUI inside.

Photo of Geektones
The Life of a Server

In the tradition of workers' songs through the ages, The Life of a Server glorifies those big brutes hidden away in closets that labor 24x7 doing really boring stuff really, really fast.

Photo of December Bride

Bill Gates Took My Baby Away
December Bride

A Microsoft widow can't believe how her life has changed. She's not going to take it any more.

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