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Gods of the New Economy distributed songwriting project

G o N E logoNew Economy survivors add their own stories to a song about the dot-carnage...or just enjoy what others have written.


hear it!

I Hate Email

Came to work on Monday morning full of grit and resolve
Got a mission to accomplish…got a problem to try and solve
So far behind on my email-I've simply got to mobilize
My inbox is overflowing and people are waiting on my replies

I hate email
Spend all my workin' life in an email jail
And I'm longin' to escape
Gonna make my break
Gotta do what it takes to shake free

Well several hours later, my brain nearly turned to mush
My fingers are blunt from typin', and I'm startin' in to cuss
I've trashed
I've filed
And I've replied
Now I've emptied out my inbox and I'm feelin' quite…satisfied

"You have new mail"
My computer announced with a friendly chirp
And my heart sinks like a stone
I just wanna be left alone
It's high time to disown my email

Sometimes I feel like an email machine
Churnin' out messages in an endless stream
Load 'em in
Read 'em
Knock out a reply
'Til the day that you go to that cubicle in the sky

I hate email
The spirit is strong but the flesh is frail
And it's way more than I can stand
Things have really got out of hand
It's a health hazard and oughta be banned…email
I hate it
I despise it
Can't tolerate it…email

by Doug Hamilton

© 1998 Douglas Hamilton ( Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial posting or performance of this work provided it is not altered and that this notice appears intact. Publishing, recording, and all other commercial use requires prior permission. By distributing this work, you are indicating your acceptance of the complete, current terms of this license located at

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