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The Jargon file

From ad-hockery to zeroth, a living document that defines more computer terms than you ever imagined existed. Very ancient, very revered. Consult the Jargon File when you run across something you don't understand in one of these songs.

Computer Songs and Poems -- The definitive collection

Based on a collection begun by Stefan Hänßgen in 1994, Poppy's well-organized computer-oriented filk site features over 300 poems and song parodies. Great care has been taken to credit the authors. If you love this stuff you'll be up for hours...

Or...The Internet Songbook

Another wonderful collection.

MaJoC: Getting your Filk

Martin J. Carter is a prolific author of computer filk and has given the topic much thought. Here's what he has to say about the origin of filk.


Parodies and
Alternative Lyrics

For best enjoyment, sing out loud (but not if you're in a
crowded computer lab). On second thought, why not?

American Pie (Hacker Style)
words by Cathy Flint, Eric Griswold, Scott Neugroschl

Day the Routers Died
words by Mark C. Langston

It's Hard To Do e-Learning
words by Robby Robson

The Bug Came Back
words by Joel Polowin

words by Dave Weingart

I am the Very Model of a Genius Computational
words by Jonathan Partington

If I Were a Spammer
words by Rich Brown

Gotta Get Myself an iMac
words by Michelle Bottorff

Audio versions available:

Oh What a Mac (on
words by Robomusic

Little Dot-Coms (on
words by Kristin Lems

My Hairy Brother

Wired Lullaby
words by D. Hamilton

This is a rotating sampling of things that strike my fancy. I'm not going to try and compete with the huge and excellent collections such as The Internet Songbook and Computer Songs and Poems. Geek Musique concentrates on bringing you the best original songs on high-tech topics.

All lyrics are © their respective authors. See Geek Musique copyright policy.


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