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Links to Computer Filk

Lots 'o links from Maureen O'Brien of Darn Near All the Filk on the Web fame...

MaJoC: Getting your Filk

Martin J. Carter is a prolific author of computer filk and has given the topic much thought. Here's what he has to say about the origin of filk.



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hear it!

Wired Lullaby
Tune: The Mockingbird Song

Hush little baby don't you fret
Papa can't use a computer yet
How it hurts me to confess
Mama don't have no email address

Hush little baby don't be glum
Papa's gonna buy you a Pentium
And if that Pentium should crash
Mama's gonna buy you a Macintosh

Don't you worry, don't be alarmed
We'll get you online before you're harmed
We'll place a mouse in your wee hand
Before you can walk, or even stand

We'll put a screen in your bassinette
Ain't raisin' no computer illiterate

Music traditional
Lyrics by Doug Hamilton

Lyrics © 2001 Douglas Hamilton ( Permission is hereby granted for non-commercial posting or performance of this work provided it is not altered and that this notice appears intact. Publishing, recording, and all other commercial use requires prior permission. By distributing this work, you are indicating your acceptance of the complete, current terms of this license located at

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