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Links to Computer Filk

Lots 'o links from Maureen O'Brien of Darn Near All the Filk on the Web fame...

MaJoC: Getting your Filk

Martin J. Carter is a prolific author of computer filk and has given the topic much thought. Here's what he has to say about the origin of filk.



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It's Hard To Do e-Learning
Tune: Dylan's Hard Rain

Where have you been my blue-eyed son?
Where have you been my darling young one?

I installed 15 kinds of database servers
I embraced Ruth Clark's theories, and I did it with fervor
I made all my learning objects reusable
I found out my deals were still all refusable

And its hard
Yes its hard
Yes its HARD
It's hard to do E-learning

I spent two full years in the garage and the kitchen
I wrote a chat room in FORTRAN, and man it was bitchin'
I cooked all my meals in the microwave oven
I used Lycos and Yahoo to find me some lovin'

I stayed in 5,000 hotels and went to 10,000 meetings
I sent email each morning 'til my fingers were bleedin'
I found every toll booth on the information highway
I made 300 MPEG's of "I did it my way"

I saw ten Engineers all tearing up options
I saw a truck full of courseware that had no adoptions
I saw an image of Einstein that bellowed and hollered
And sold knowledge objects for under a dollar

-- and finally --

I snatched e-learning standards from the beak of a sparrow
And heard SCORM in a song sung by Peter Yarrow
I saw 3000 people pressing buttons like crazy
Attending a conference by Elliot Masie

And its hard
Yes its hard
Yes its HARD
It's hard to do E-learning

words © Robby Robson

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