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Links to Computer Filk

Lots 'o links from Maureen O'Brien of Darn Near All the Filk on the Web fame...

MaJoC: Getting your Filk

Martin J. Carter is a prolific author of computer filk and has given the topic much thought. Here's what he has to say about the origin of filk.



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I am the very model of a Genius Computational
Tune: Gilbert and Sullivan's Military General

I am the very model of a genius computational:
At writing of assembler code I really am sensational.
I'm not afraid of SVC's, to macros I am much attached;
Load modules I make elegant, well optimised, DEBUGged and PATCHed.

I know the different languages: in Fortran and BCPL,
In Algol, Snobol, PL/I, in Lisp and Cobol I excel.
Numerical analysis? My algorithms make y' gape!
I read my favourite novels in editions punched on paper tape.

I'm very good at file control - my DCB's are always right.
My use of ZED's so subtle, people stay to watch me half the night.
I know what's wrong with the machine if it's not operational -
And thus I am the model of a genius computational!

words © Jonathan Partington

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