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Merry Techmas and a Happy New Year!

In the Geek Orthodox tradition,
it's still the season, so check out our
collection of Carols for Technophiles!


Geek Musique — it's not for everyone!

This website is dedicated to the glorification and promulgation of Geek Musique — music about technology and Geek culture. If you have no Geek credentials, you'll miss all the best jokes, although you might still find this stuff at least mildly amusing.

But if debug, visiting the kernel, or re-partitioning your hard drive hold no fears, you'll enjoy seeing what your fellow Geeks get up to in odd, distracted moments.

Within the world of Geek Musique, most of the attention typically goes to alternative lyrics -- new words to well-known tunes. These can be outrageously funny, and you'll find an ever-changing sampling on this site along with links to more geekish song parodies than you ever imagined existed.

But what makes Geek Musique unique is a focus on original geek music. We're absolutely obsessed with ferreting out and promoting original Geek Musique wherever we find it. If you know of any good songs on high-tech topics, let us know and we'll add them to the site. And regardless, we hope you'll have a great time exploring this site and its many links to interesting places.

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